Deciding when Best to Hire or Buy Construction Equipment: Your Options with Plant Hire

It has become a trend to hire rather than buy construction equipment, and there are many good reasons for this. However, still many business owners are in doubt and don’t understand what exactly the advantages are all about – after all, on the surface it seems that the smart thing is to own, rather than to be using some other business’ tools and equipment. Not so. In fact, the reason why plant hire services are becoming more and more popular is because they offer solutions no construction business would ever have otherwise. Still in doubt? This one’s for you: deciding when best to hire or buy construction equipment. Here are your options with plant hire.

It’s cost-effective

Equipment is very expensive and it often involves a lot of extra costs to purchase it, especially if you cannot put down the whole capital that is required right away. This leaves you with a long-term commitment that does not allow for flexibility in the future. Hiring, however, is very lucrative in the short-term and allows you to remain flexible.

Saving time

Maintenance and regular upkeep (not only to make sure that the equipment is in perfect working order, but also to make sure that it keeps within all standards provided by the government) takes a lot of time and money – you need to hire specialised personnel to take care of these things. You don’t have those challenges when hiring; someone else takes care of that.

Getting the latest


The advances of technology are often too large and happen too fast for us to get a grip on it. If you’re buying, you’re soon stuck with an obsolete object. If you’re hiring, you can easily exchange the old for the new.

Short-term solutions

Many industries (especially construction) are limited by seasonality, and by hiring you are assured you can find what you need, when you need it, for however long you need it.

Try it first

Have the service come and give a demonstration. See if you like it first.

There are many more, even better reasons for hiring a plant service (such as plant hire Preston from Ruttle) rather than buying the equipment yourself, but perhaps this is the most important one: you’re able to receive advice from people who understand the equipment and understand the project far better than you as a manager or organiser ever will – simply because they know their equipment (they specialise in it) and handle it day to day. The advice you get is, after all, priceless. It all comes down to this: you’re hiring the best equipment at a lesser long-term cost, without long-term commitments, and with the best people available for the job. It makes you sleep better at night because you can plan better for tomorrow.