3 Most Fascinating Facts to Discern as Good Friday 2017 Approaches


Good Friday 2017 is going to be just like the others in the past years – a Christian commemoration of Jesus’ crucifixion and his death. The glum day is expended by keeping fasts, praying, repenting and also meditating.

  1. There is no Celebration of a Mass in the Churches:

On this very sad and somber day, no Church is ornamented in addition to the altar that is left stripped and undressed. In many counties the entire church is draped in black cloth in essence of mourning. A full-sized cross is added right at the heart of the altar and the people attending the worship go by it. Some touch it and some prefer to kiss it in solemn respect.

  1. The Day is Marked with Abstinence and Keeping a Fast:

Good Friday 2017 falls in the Lenten season therefore similar Lenten rules for fasting are applicable. Christians are allowed to consume merely one full meal in addition to two slighter ones during the course of the day. But no matter what they choose to eat, no meat is to a be a part of any of their meals on the day.

As per the Gospel of Mark, the time when the crucifixion commenced was around 9 am and Jesus finally passed away around 3 pm. During this period of time, Christians typically uphold a silenced atmosphere, with restricted exposure to watching television radio and using computer, also participate in diminutive or no outdoor commotion.

  1. Possibilities behind the “Good” in the Good Friday 2017:

Many of us deliberate as how a day so sad and solemn, a day that is blemished with the bereavement of Jesus Christ could be even referred to be described as “good”?

There are theories that “good” should be taken as a sign of something that is divine and sacred. The events of the day – the betrayal, the pain Jesus suffered was indeed horrible but a lot good came out of it when the Christ returned on Easter Sunday defeating the darkness and death.

A different justification is that initially it was called the “God’s Friday” that has now gotten cjanged with passing time.